Friday, November 19, 2010

2 more teeth!

Yup, you read it right!  True to his usual self, he does everything at once!  He's getting 2 more teeth on top now (the lateral incisors right next to his 2 front teeth).  Poor guy also had to get his immunizations this week too, so it's been a tough week.  He ran fever and he seemed to have some sore legs from the shots.  He watched that poor nurse like a hawk after she finished--he didn't want her anywhere near him!  My poor boy cried too--it's so heartbreaking.  He seems to be fine now though--playing and getting into stuff like normal!

We had Mark & Marilyn over for dinner last night and had a wonderful time.  I made homemade lasagna, green beans, Red Lobster Cheese biscuits and no-bake cookies for dessert.  And, it all turned out pretty good thankfully!  Grayson still won't let anyone hold him really if we're around... he's definitely going through the Mama-attachment phase and has been for about 6 weeks now.  I can't get anything done around the house without my 'growth' attached to my leg!  lol 

My photography business has been booming lately since everyone is wanting photos of their families/kiddos for Christmas.  It's nice to feel loved!!!  lol  I'm definitely up to my ears in editing--I've estimated that I've edited well over 2000 pictures since the beginning of the month!  That's probably about 3 times as many as I normally do in month and I still have more to do. 

Well, the beast has awoken, so I better go get him before he destroys something.  I already had to make a teething bumper for his bed this week because he's gnawing off the wood on his crib rail!!!  It looks pretty cute though, even if I did have to make it from scratch. 

Hope you all have/had a great day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Grayson finally took his first steps all by himself tonight!!!!!  (Better late than never, I guess!!)  He's been walking well with a 1-finger hold for over a month now, but if you let go of him, he'd get mad and sit down.  He could also walk along the wall just trailing 1 hand along the wall.  I've been letting him walk outside the past couple of days because he loves being outside so much and I guess that spurred him on!  I was so happy that Brandon and I both got to see it--he walked in between us sitting in the kitchen.  I'm so proud of my boy...  :o) 

I always forget--he can also say Vroom Vroom with a car and he can push himself in the firetruck too!  (He's actually running over Daddy as I type this!)  Better go before he flattens him over!

Congrats to Tyler & Natalie!

Guess what guys?!  I'm finally getting another 'sister'!!!  Brandon's younger brother Tyler just proposed to his girlfriend Natalie and she said yes!!!  I'm so happy for them--she seems like a great girl... just what Tyler needs and deserves!  I can't wait to hear all about it and maybe even get to take some pictures of them if they'd like.  And, since we already have a wedding to go to in the spring, Grayson will get to wear his cute outfit again maybe! 

One of God's greatest gifts is the gift of marriage...  take care of it and each other and you will live happily ever after... 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Haircut!

Yup, Grayson got his first haircut yesterday!  He also now has 5 teeth and is working on his 6th one.  #5 is on the bottom right and came in last Tuesday (or that was the first time I saw it).  He's really starting to look like a little boy now.  He also took 2 little steps by himself today and I know he could take more if he weren't such a chicken.  He walks really well with your finger now.   His vocabulary includes Dada, Mama, Baby (bA bA bA at least!), Ho Ho Ho (ask him what Santa says!), No, and Neigh (for horse).  He can also sign 'eat', 'more' and 'all done'.   He's also become VERY attached to Mommy in the past 2 months.  He now cries when we leave him in the nursery, but only for a couple of minutes.  And, as soon as Dad gets home, he becomes a Daddy's boy and Mom is second fiddle!  (It's kind of a nice break though ;o) 

Well, anyway, here's some pics for you all to enjoy!  He was an octopus for Halloween and he had a blast helping hand out candy over at Mark & Marilyn's (our Sunday School teachers).  He looked soooo cute and his eyes looked amazingly blue in the costume!  So glad Lora & Jason let us borrow it from Collin.  We loved it!

BEFORE HAIRCUT (the front almost reached his nose and he had a baby mullet!)

AFTER HAIRCUT (Doesn't he look so handsome?!)

 Grayson eating his victory sucker for being a good boy!  (it was his first candy ever, but unfortunately after a couple of licks, he dropped it in the floor!)

 What, you've never seen an octopus drive a car?!

 Or an octopus ride on a lion?!

That's all for now!  Hope you're having a great day!