Monday, May 23, 2011

tornadoes and sentences

So on our way home from Kentucky last night, my Sister left me a message about the tornadoes in Joplin...  Since I lived in Joplin for almost 6 years, my heart immediately broke and I was full of terror that my loved ones were hurt or worse.  I couldn't get a hold of anyone, so Brandon and I started watching CNN and The Weather Channel.  I could hardly breathe as I looked at the devastation.  How could I not even recognize the place I lived?!?!  Utter devastation.  And fear.  Finally I got in contact with another great friend from college and she confirmed that most everyone we knew/were friends with was okay, but most of their homes are not.  Her Grandparents (whom we all affectionately referred to as "Nan & Pop") and her Mom all live about a mile from the Walmart that was destroyed and was in the direct path of the tornado, so I was immediately fearful for them.  She said that Nan had called her Mom shortly before the tornado hit and convinced her to come over to their house, about 2 blocks down the road.  Thank you Lord for that--Cassie's Mom's home is totally destroyed, but Nan & Pop's was spared.  They have some damage, but are able to stay in the house for now.  Other friends have extensive damage and some have almost none, but so far, we believe that no one we know is on 'the list'.  We will continue to pray for that conclusion, and for the families that weren't so lucky. 

All day, I've just felt kind of depressed and anxious watching the news, so I stopped watching it for fear I'd make my contractions worse.  I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a couple of weeks now (I'm 30 weeks along today) and I'm having a lot of them.  I don't remember having this many with Grayson, so please pray that I don't go into preterm labor with Jelly Bean.  I want him or her to bake until at least 38-40 weeks if at all possible.  Grayson came at 38 weeks on the dot, and he was a little guy at 6 lbs 2 oz, so I'd LOVE for this baby to at least hit the 7 lb mark. 

Speaking of Grayson--he said his second sentence today!  His first sentence was "I don't know" and he holds his little hands out just like an adult!  It's the cutest thing when you ask him something and he responds "I no no?!"  His sentence today was "I poo-pood!"  lol  And he was right.  FOUR times today.  I guess he's just getting caught up from the weekend.  He also slept 13 hours straight last night and had a 3.5 hour nap today... not that I'm complaining!  I guess meeting Cheryl's baby Grace, me having 2 photo shoots, going to a wedding and reception, going to church, out to lunch and seeing Brandon's family (all between Friday and last night) really wore him out!  Us too, by the way!

So, we're off to bed.  Good night everyone.  May God bless and protect you all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

feeling better

Grayson's fever broke Monday morning during his nap thankfully, and he recovered pretty quickly after that.  He was cranky for the rest of the week, but we did manage to get a few things done.  Grayson also had another "first" this week:

Wednesday, May 11 he got his first scraped knee!  We went for a walk that evening and he wanted to 'yalk' (walk) and he got going a little quick and fell on the sidewalk.  

He's enjoying all of his Easter gifts, especially his new bubble mower from Grandma:

Here he is helping Dad mow last night!  It was about the most adorable thing I'd ever seen.  I got a new phone this week since my old phone was dropping a lot of calls and messing up a lot.  And, I was eligible for a cheap upgrade, so Brandon got me a new one for Mother's Day.  It takes great pics, which I am really excited about!  The above pics are from the new phone and it's super easy to upload them, so you all can look forward to more pics in the future!  
Last night while Daddy was finishing mowing, Grayson and I went to the mall for some Mommy & Me time.  On our way home, I snapped these pics of Grayson.  He was totally fascinated by the beautiful moon last night:

Cutest. Boy. Ever.  Love him.  :o)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

not such a good end...

Well, the weekend started off pretty great.  Yesterday we went to Indy and ordered Grayson's new dresser (his is being carted to the baby's room soon) and went out to eat at Famous Dave's.  Grayson was an angel the whole time and even tolerated us going to Babies' R Us and sort of registering for Jelly Bean.  (We don't plan to have a shower or anything, but we get a big discount on anything 'left' on the registry before the baby comes, so we're taking advantage of that and 'registering' for some things we'll need for Grayson and the Jelly Bean).  He napped the whole way home, so we went to The WonderLab Museum when we got home since it was still early.  Grayson had a blast playing for a couple of hours--I figured he deserved some fun after the morning of shopping. 

This morning we got up and Brandon made me breakfast.  He had also got me a very sweet card and a big flower helium balloon.  He opted for the balloon because he knows how much Grayson loves them and wanted me to be able to enjoy watching him play with it.  It worked.  Grayson LOVES balloons!  He was so cute running around with it.

We then went to church and all seemed fine.  Unfortunately, when Grayson woke up from his nap, he had a 103.5 temperature and was burning up.  He refused to eat or drink and just wanted to be held all afternoon.  I gave him some Tylenol, which brought the fever down all of 1 degree, and just let him lay on me.  We called the pediatrician, but they said unless his fever reaches 104.5 or he has it for 3 days, they don't need to see him.  :-/  Ya, that sounds crazy to me too.  We decided we'd re-evaluate in the morning because I'm a little afraid he has an ear infection since he's super sensitive on the left side and won't even let me take his temp on that side.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

On a lighter note, Jelly Bean got the hiccups last night around 3 a.m.  It's the first time I've felt them this time around!  :o)