Thursday, November 11, 2010


Grayson finally took his first steps all by himself tonight!!!!!  (Better late than never, I guess!!)  He's been walking well with a 1-finger hold for over a month now, but if you let go of him, he'd get mad and sit down.  He could also walk along the wall just trailing 1 hand along the wall.  I've been letting him walk outside the past couple of days because he loves being outside so much and I guess that spurred him on!  I was so happy that Brandon and I both got to see it--he walked in between us sitting in the kitchen.  I'm so proud of my boy...  :o) 

I always forget--he can also say Vroom Vroom with a car and he can push himself in the firetruck too!  (He's actually running over Daddy as I type this!)  Better go before he flattens him over!

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