Friday, November 19, 2010

2 more teeth!

Yup, you read it right!  True to his usual self, he does everything at once!  He's getting 2 more teeth on top now (the lateral incisors right next to his 2 front teeth).  Poor guy also had to get his immunizations this week too, so it's been a tough week.  He ran fever and he seemed to have some sore legs from the shots.  He watched that poor nurse like a hawk after she finished--he didn't want her anywhere near him!  My poor boy cried too--it's so heartbreaking.  He seems to be fine now though--playing and getting into stuff like normal!

We had Mark & Marilyn over for dinner last night and had a wonderful time.  I made homemade lasagna, green beans, Red Lobster Cheese biscuits and no-bake cookies for dessert.  And, it all turned out pretty good thankfully!  Grayson still won't let anyone hold him really if we're around... he's definitely going through the Mama-attachment phase and has been for about 6 weeks now.  I can't get anything done around the house without my 'growth' attached to my leg!  lol 

My photography business has been booming lately since everyone is wanting photos of their families/kiddos for Christmas.  It's nice to feel loved!!!  lol  I'm definitely up to my ears in editing--I've estimated that I've edited well over 2000 pictures since the beginning of the month!  That's probably about 3 times as many as I normally do in month and I still have more to do. 

Well, the beast has awoken, so I better go get him before he destroys something.  I already had to make a teething bumper for his bed this week because he's gnawing off the wood on his crib rail!!!  It looks pretty cute though, even if I did have to make it from scratch. 

Hope you all have/had a great day!

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