Friday, December 17, 2010

gearing up for the holidays

Whew!  This has been a busy season for us!  Especially for my fledgling photography business--I've had tons of shoots and still have one more to go!  Thankfully, I've got 90% of the photo orders completed and delivered, but it's that last 10% that has me a bit stressed.  And, I haven't even ordered our Christmas cards or even taken my own son's Christmas photos!  lol  I'm so behind.

I have my Christmas shopping done, and have for a while, but it's the wrapping that still needs work.  It's definitely made more difficult by a toddler that has a fascination with wrapping paper!  Grayson is walking really well now and can stand up on his own and bend over to pick something up without sitting down.  He's been doing that for a few weeks now.  It took him a while to start walking, but once he did, he really took off!  He's obsessed with clapping and loves to color and paint.  Our little man is the apple of our eyes! 

He is figuring out all of our baby-proofing equipment WAY too fast--he can almost open the doors, even with the doorknob safety devices on them!  He's also still obsessed with going outside, and will cry after anyone who leaves without taking him out.  Since we just got about 6 inches of snow dumped on us, his outside time has drastically diminished, which he is not happy about!  I look forward to the day he's big enough to be able to go sledding...  maybe next year.

This weekend (weather-permitting) our KY friends Molly & Tyler are coming up for a visit and we are super excited to see them!  They will also attend our church's Christmas service Sunday morning before they head back.  I know Grayson will be excited to have extra playmates this weekend!  Next Thursday, we will drive to MO after Brandon gets off work.  Pray that Grayson sleeps!

Until next time...

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