Friday, December 17, 2010

our most recent projects

Yes.  I know.  TWO posts in ONE day!!  Go me!  I just put Grayson down for his second nap (he's been switching between 1 and 2 for a while now, but he woke up at 7 today) but as of 20 minutes and counting, he's still talking to himself in there.  We'll see...

Anyway, our first snow came December 4 this year and we took the opportunity to introduce Grayson to it! 

We thought he didn't like it at first...

But it turned out that his bottom was bothering him because he had a bit of diaper rash and didn't want to sit down...  We're pretty sure that he's allergic to peaches.  Every time he's eaten them lately, he's gotten a bad rash.  No more peaches.  Poor guy.

Our next project came in the form of an adoption.  Our church did an 'adopt-a-family' event where we could adopt families that were in need for the holidays.  Many churches do this sort of thing this time of year.  Brandon and I talked it over and decided that we would spend less on the holiday gifts for our family this year and adopt a family that is truly in need.  What better way to celebrate Christmas?!  Well, naturally, I picked out a family with 3 young girls!  :o)  How often do I get a chance to shop for little girls?!  I decided to make them something in addition to the gifts we bought them--you know, add something personal.  This is what I came up with:

 They're hair-bow holders!  They are completely customized and I even made a few bows using some alligator clips to complete the holders.  I think the girls will like them and they were relatively easy and inexpensive to make.  Meanwhile, Grayson was busy being destructive:

Notice the empty crafting bins and all my supplies all over the floor?  This was clean when I started! 

Last but not least, these are our recent "Slow and Steady Get Me Ready" activities!  This book has weekly developmentally scheduled activities to do with your child from birth to age 5.  I've noticed that some of the activities lately have been beyond what he's capable of just yet, even though he's developmentally ahead, so we've just skipped around a bit lately.  Here are a couple we've loved!

"Let's Go Fishing"  Age 1--Week 12
Here we just recycled an old apple juice container, some ribbon from a gift and then used a clothes pin and a homemade Christmas ornament for our 'fish'.  Grayson figured this one out FAST.  i.e. before I could even take a picture!  (So naturally, I made him do it over and over again!)  He was even trying to 'throw his fish back' and get it back into the jug only using the string.  SMART BOY!  He really liked this activity too and carried his 'fish' all over the house! 

Don't tease me about his clothing too much--we're using gDiapers because they breathe better than other diapers.  We've got to get this 'peach' rash cleared up before traveling!!!  He's warm and he's cute!!!  What more can I ask for?!

"My New House"  Age 1--Week 15  (Yes, I can hardly believe he's that old too!)
Thankfully Grandma Palmer bought Grayson an early Christmas present and we were able to recycle the box!

 I love to crawl inside!

 See?!  It's MY house!
Bye everyone!

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