Thursday, July 29, 2010

big hearts.

We are all up early here at the Gupton house!  Grayson woke up at 5:45 and hasn't been back to sleep since, so we all were up and out of bed by 6 a.m.  It's going to be a long day!  Thankfully, Grayson went back down for a nap by 8:30, so I have time to shower, eat and blog (just the necessities folks!  haha).  I've been told by several people that they really enjoy reading our blog, so I'll try to appease the masses!  It's still a bit mind-boggling to me that people are really that interested in reading about our little lives--what big hearts you have! 

In the past month, we've become aware of several families that are having really rough times right now.  All for various reasons, but each one no less significant than the others.  When I hear their stories, it just breaks my heart.  I've cried with their losses, rejoiced with their improvements, and sat with great anticipation just to know what God is doing in their lives.  It's so easy to lose sight of God in tough times like this.  I was just reading the Sexton's blog last night ( are the family that recently lost their sweet baby, Luke) and my heart absolutely breaks for them...  especially Kristin.  As a mother, I cannot fathom how she drags herself out of bed every morning.  To look down and see your empty belly--to not have a baby to hold in its place...  I beg of you to pray for her... for them.  I know that they are broken and lost without their baby boy.  Still, in the midst of their earthly pain, they know their Heavenly Father is silently leading them through the darkest time of their lives. 

Many families are treading through murky waters right now--sick children, marriages faltering, lost jobs, and even just the everyday happenings that get us down.  Satan is alive and well and doing anything he can to seek and destroy.  We cannot let him win!!!  I have been and will be praying for you all, my friends.  Luke 1:37 says NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!!!  and I believe it. 

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  1. Nothing is impossible with God. That's right! We'll add those families you're speaking of to our prayers.