Thursday, July 29, 2010

a bit of joy

Lots of excitement here at the Gupton house!  I just wanted to share a bit with you...

Grayson got 2 new brothers this week--it was a little rough at first, as Andy is very stubborn and had 3 accidents in the house.  Emmett, bless his sweet soul, has not gone ONCE in the house.  They've both made huge strides in the past 5 days and you'd never know they'd never seen the inside of a house before we got them.  They are both house-trained, crate-trained, and electronic-fence trained.  They have learned that the tv isn't going to get them and that the stairs actually lead to the basement and not some dungeon (believe me, they were terrified of the stairs and even hotdogs would not convince them otherwise!).  They are really great boys.

With Grayson teething this week and running a temp, I've been very thankful that we have such good boys.  Last week, Grayson had a much better week.  He took the Jumparoo for a ride one evening while Brandon and I ate some dinner--it was hilarious!  We watched him and laughed for a while, and then I thought of you all and thought you might like to see it too...

Later in the week, Grayson's little buddy Carter came over and they both enjoyed some homemade fingerpaints!  More of it definitely ended up on them than the paper, but they had fun!  The whole fiasco ended with both boys naked in the backyard getting washed up!  What a site for our new neighbors!!! 

Hope you guys have a good day!  Say a prayer for us--we're heading to see Dr. Laughlin today since Grayson's fever has continued for 4 days now...  hopefully it's just his teeth, but we want to make sure it's nothing more serious.  Updates to come later!

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