Friday, July 2, 2010

a whole new world!

Wow.  So I'm so far behind I don't even know where to start.  We haven't had the internet or tv for a week now, so I feel completely disconnected from everything!

We are in our new house now!  The most wonderful thing happened yesterday--3 deer visited our back yard while I was feeding Grayson his breakfast!!!  It is SOOO nice to wake up to birds chirping and crickets than to loud, obnoxious college students and cars on the highway.

We got our painting done (master BR, Grayson's room and the office).  We got our washer/dryer from hhGregg (it's a long story, but we'll NEVER be shopping in Best Buy again--what a HORRIBLE sales staff!!).  Grayson is working on his FOURTH tooth now!  He has 2 on bottom and the right one on top and the left one is almost through as well.

Uhm...  that's all my poor little brain can come up with right now.  It is just too tired.  Night, night everyone!

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  1. YAY house, YAY teeth! YAY having internet back! I was beginning to wonder. We got Grayson's birthday gift today and I can't wait til the party!