Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cloud 9

Hello world.  Just as I promised, we have some wonderful, funny videos to share with you from the past few weeks.  We've had a lot of Cloud 9 experiences in this last month and we wanted to remember them, so we figured video would be a good idea.  We are very thankful for our little Flip video.  I just wish it was HD so it was a little clearer, but it gets the job done!

First up is Grayson's new toys--Grandpa & Gigi got him a new slide tumbler for his birthday and we decided to try it out a little early!  He LOVES it!

And, can even do it by himself now if we sit him up top!

Grayson also got his first car for his first birthday--a bright red firetruck!  Hopefully when he turns 16, he'll get something slightly classier than a fire engine!  We'll see...

He also LOVES this toy!  He can ride in it for hours I think--only Mama & Daddy get tired of pushing him.  His legs aren't quite long enough to push himself, so he ends up sliding down to the ground through the floorboard.  Brandon and I think this guy needs a seatbelt!  He crawls to it whenever it's in sight....  You hit a homerun with this toy, Grandma!

Grayson also learned a new word this week:  NOSE.  Check it out:

True to his usual self, he's more interested in the camera than anything else, but at least he did it for me on camera once! He also had his first 'crush' this week--we went to a new Mexican restaurant and he was completely enamored with the waitress.  She was young and pretty (he has good taste! haha) and he watched her every move from the time we got there until we left.  When she would walk by, he would reach for her and grab at her!!  Daddy told him he needed more tact if he was going to succeed!  She would stop occasionally and play with him and he was on cloud 9!  Oh Grayson... I thought you would be Mama's boy for a while longer!!!

Grayson will finally feed himself now too!  He could do it before, but he was just lazy and he knew that I would do it for him!  Now that I have (finally) put my foot down, he will hold his own sippy cup and feed himself puffs.  Silly boy.  Mama's spoiled you rotten.  :o) 

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