Thursday, August 26, 2010

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I just slept through the night for the first time since WAY before Grayson was born!  How refreshing!!  You don't realize how badly you need sleep to thrive until you don't have it.  I hope this continues.  Grayson has been sleeping through the night again for a few weeks, but I guess my body hasn't figured this out yet!  It's so, so very annoying to lie awake in the middle of the night knowing that you're going to be exhausted the next day.

I'm glad I feel refreshed today because I'm going to watch Ephraim again today (I watched him Tuesday too).  He's 7 months old, but is crawling and pulling up on things like Grayson is already!  Grayson is teaching him how the toys work and Ephraim is *hopefully* teaching Grayson how to crawl on his knees!  He's ruining his clothes because he stretches out the collars when he army-crawls on his belly!!  Several of his one-piece outfits have head-holes large enough for me to fit my head through!  Silly boy!

I thought I'd share some more pics today--They are from the day Daddy (and me a little bit) put together his swingset for his birthday.  Grayson and I sat on a blanket and watched mostly!  Grayson had his little hammer and 'helped' Daddy from a distance!

Amazing!  Daddy does read instructions!
Got my hammer ready to help!
UNEDITED IMAGE!  Yes, his eyes really are that blue! (We get asked that a lot!)
I LOVE the camera!!
Seeee???  (And now you know why there are fingerprints on my lens!)
Almost done!
Hi everyone!  I'm pushing Mom over!
I love sitting on Mama!
I also love driving my new firetruck!
Sweet, little foot...  driving the car?!?!  He better not do this when he's older!
All done!  My first ride in the new swing!
I LOVE it!!  Thanks Mama & Daddy!
An unexpected play-in-the-water day with my buddy Carter!
We LOVE splashing in the sand/water table!  (Thanks Uncle Trevor for this great bday present!)
We also love running around 'nekkid' afterward!
Oh, and I don't think I told you everyone about Grayson's last stunt!  That last picture is the 'after' picture from the morning of Aug 11.  I went in to get Grayson out of bed and he had pulled off his disposable diaper (I know, argh, I had changed him out of his cloth diaper during the middle of the night and just grabbed a disposable because it was laying out and convenient) and he had POOPED all over his bed!!!!  There was NO poo on the diaper, so I know he pulled it off and THEN poo'd everywhere.  What was worse--he decided to play in it and it was in his hair, all over his body--including his hands and face, and all over the bed!  Thankfully he didn't 'paint' with it on the wall.  Once I got over my complete disgust, all I could do was laugh and *of course* take pictures so I can embarrass him later!!!  I won't post the 'before' pictures because they contain complete nudity and the disgusting mess, but rest assured, they are going in the scrapbook!  Whenever one of his kids does that to him one day, I'm going to pull out those pictures and say "KARMA!"  He just looks mischievous doesn't he?!

Well, tomorrow is his birthday, so Daddy and I are going to Indy with him to the Children's Museum.  I'll make sure and take lots of pics and video to commemorate the occasion.  Love you all and hope you have a great weekend!

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