Friday, August 13, 2010


First off, I want to do something that is long overdue...  I want to thank all of you who diligently and patiently wait for me to blog...  It's really cool to me that you all take time out of your day to 'check in' with our little family.  It means the world to me!  PLEASE drop us a line in the comments from time to time and let me know how you are, or if something makes you laugh (or even cry!), I'd love to know! You all are our dearest friends and we love and appreciate you all.  God has truly blessed us.

Finally, I'm going to post tonite!  And that's WAY overdue!  I don't even know where to start, but you better get comfortable because it's probably going to be a long one!

First, Grayson is doing great now!  Many of you expressed your concerns over his allergic reaction to the puppies--he is 100% better now.   Just to give you an idea of how bad it was, this picture was taken 3 days AFTER the dogs left and 90% of the rash and swelling had gone down thanks to the Benadryl and cortisone...

His eyes were very swollen during the worst of it, but were still a bit swollen here.  He had the red hives all down his back and belly too.  It was really hard seeing him like that.  He was clearly miserable.

Thankfully, he's back to his usual, chipper self and has enjoyed the heck out of playing with his little buddy Carter the past 2 days.  Alyssa and I are having a big yardsale tomorrow, so she's been over helping get everything sorted and marked.  Having a yardsale is a lot of work!  Hopefully it pays off and we get rid of a bunch of our junk!  Otherwise, Goodwill here we come!!!

I went into his room a couple of days later and found this:

He can easily get himself to sitting from any position now and Daddy had seen him do it before, but I hadn't.  Now, I go in there and he's pulling himself up the bars!!!  It's funny how he's taken his time starting to do this stuff, but now that he's figured a little out, he's coming along rather quickly! 

I can't believe that Grayson is almost a year old.  It makes me happy and sad to realize he's growing up.  Gone are the days when I could change him easily, feed him easily and even hold him easily--he's getting bigger, stronger, more rambunctious and definitely more strong-willed.  I don't know who he gets that from!  ;o)  Tonite, he had his first crush!!! lol  Seriously, we went to a mexican restaurant downtown (El Norteno) and he watched our waitress like a hawk the entire time we were there!  He was even reaching for her as she passed by our table!  The food was fantastic and the bill was cheap--we'll go back for sure!  Grayson also stood by himself yesterday for about 3 seconds.  He doesn't take steps just yet, but it's not too far off I don't think.  He's still army-crawling and rolling to get everywhere, but he can and does pull up on things.  Our little monster is getting into EVERYTHING now!!  Just yesterday he destroyed 3 pages of scrapbook paper and unscrewed the doorstop from the wall while I worked.  I can't take my eye off of him for a minute unless he's sleeping! 

I just realized that I haven't shown you all the pictures from Gray and Carter's finger-painting playdate--it was a riot! 

And yes, I have a video too!  I might have to upload that this weekend, as Brandon is working on our desktop right now and that's where the video is.  And yes, Grayson is eating the fingerpaints.  They are non-toxic and homemade though, so it's okay!

Speaking of Daddy, he celebrated a BIG birthday this week!!!  He turned 30!!  And yes, I am careful to tease, because December isn't too far away (when *eek* I turn 30).  We traveled down to Louisville and spent the day with his family and celebrated by eating out and having birthday carrot cake (his favorite).  He got the new Nook (Barnes & Noble's version of the Kindle) and a fancy carrying case for it for his birthday--I think it was a good one for him.

I think this was quite possibly all of our favorite things of the week though:

JUST PLAYING!!!  Grayson got some early birthday presents from Grandma, Gigi and Papa and he LOVES them all!  We've been playing and playing and playing.  His new firetruck (thanks Grandma!) is a favorite, and he's already figured out how to slide down his new climber (thanks Gigi and Papa!).  Even with all of the new toys, he still LOVES for Brandon to swing him around the most!  He's definitely going to love the crazy carnival rides when he's older!

Okay, well there's lots more to tell you about, but since I have to get up really early tomorrow for the yard sale, I'm gonna sign off!  I promise it won't be as long of a wait next time!  Hope the pics made up for it!

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