Monday, April 25, 2011

How Great Thou Art

Wow, what an amazing Easter it was this year.  More than ever, I've been reminded of how much my Savior, my Creator, loves me.  My, how I have been blessed!  As we sat in the service yesterday morning listening to Tom tell us about what my Savior endured in order to set me free, I got chills.  Sure, I've heard the story and I've seen "The Passion of the Christ", so I know the devastation that the floggings and the crucifixion brought to Christ's body...  But this time, I heard it as a Mother.  *gulp*  I can't imagine, do not want to imagine the anguish that Mary felt watching her Son being beaten to within an inch of His life, only to then be drug through the streets and finally to watch him have spikes driven through his wrists and a crown of thorns shoved onto his head.  These were not the thorns from your Mama's rosebush either.  Historians tell us that they were several inches long.  To imagine how God felt as He watched His Son suffer and die...  knowing that he couldn't stop it...  how utterly helpless he must have felt.

I cringe when Grayson gets the tiniest bruise or scrape and just want to calm him down and dry every little tear that he cries.  It makes me physically hurt when he's in pain.  Every bit of my being just wants to take it from him.  Oh, the love I have for him.  I imagine how it would feel to be Mary, remembering the tiny kicks in her belly as she carried Christ in her womb... I remember how it feels because I am there once again with our tiny Jelly Bean kicking ferociously every time Grayson squishes him/her.  I know the love that you feel for your child before you even get to hold him in your arms...  and how great that love grows as you hold them more and more.  For 33 years Mary got to hold her Son and yet she was unable to save Him in the end.  I saw a whole new side of Mary during our service yesterday, and she was not even really mentioned.  I guess I just really stepped into her shoes while listening to the horrors of Christ's death due to the situation I am in.

I quickly realized how blessed we are that Grayson has not had any serious illness or injury so far.  We have not spent unexpected nights in the hospital, and certainly have not felt the horror of losing a child firsthand.  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you for taking those nails, and accepting those thorns.  Thank you for rescuing me AND my family!  Thank you for protecting us and sending Your Angels to watch over us.  Thank you for my amazing husband, my wonderful son, and this incredible little Jelly Bean kicking me while I type.  Please help us to remember, not just on Easter but every day, How Great Thou Art.

[If you haven't seen this, it is a must-see!]


  1. Amen! (Her voice is so beautiful. And as a side note- I cried again in church yesterday. I think it was the song right after Tom's sermon that did me in this time.)

  2. I actually made it through church without crying yesterday, but I did go get Grayson for the singing and that helped. He kept alternating between dancing and calling the fans overhead "Bair-planes"!!

    I was SOOO impressed with her performance--what an amazing PUBLIC testament to her faith!

  3. LOVE that song, and that version! It was playing in our hospital room during Gideon's birth!