Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is a special edition that's going out to all Mamas, but we have a special message just for Gigi at the end!  We've been playing a lot this week and just trying to tie up all of the loose ends for the new house.  Today we actually bought a new washer & dryer, which I personally am THRILLED about!!!  It's a pretty rockin' awesome set--I love my husband!!  Thanks honey!  It's the Maytag MGHWE950WW ( and the matching dryer MEDE900VW (  We got an awesome deal on them by going to our local Best Buy and asking them to pricematch their online deal of 15% off of the pair.  AND they're going to send it to our new house after we move in, so we don't have to worry about storing it until then!  They're so pretty!  I'm actually EXCITED to do laundry! 

Hmmm... what else have we done this week?!  Alyssa and I did some shopping together because our dear husbands were kind enough to watch our boys one night, so we got to go alone, which was really fun!  It's crazy because we're the exact same size and have similar tastes, so it was nice to shop with someone else who has as hard of time as I do finding clothes that fit well.  We're going to the Gap Distribution Center in Cincy here in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we find some good deals before vacations start.

Well, I'm pretty spent, so I guess I'll just jump right to Gigi's Mother's Day gift (or part of it)... she'll have to wait until we go down in a couple of weeks to get the rest...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas from my little man...

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  1. Awesome video montage, Lisa! What a cute song too. Happy 1st Mother's Day! I hope it's wonderful. Miss you all!