Thursday, May 13, 2010

mini vacation!

Thought I'd hop on here and let everyone know that we're leaving tonite to go to DC.  We won't be back until really late next Wednesday, so we won't be posting for a while.  I promise to have lots of cute pics and video when we get back to make up for the lost time!

I'll leave you with a funny tidbit you're sure to get a laugh out of... the Tuesday night Grayson made a new "discovery" when he was in the bathtub!!!  Apparently we left him in there a bit too long and he got bored with his toys, so he started looking for other things to entertain himself!!  We thought it was funny until he started pointing it at us--then we yanked him out of the tub and got his jammies on! 

Well, gotta go--still packing!!!!  Have a great one!

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