Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our trips continue!

Well folks, this will probably be the last one before we leave for our next trip--to Missouri to see my family!  Tomorrow I'm going to try to get the laundry finished up and get some old clothes over to our church for the clothing drive they're doing.  So, it'll be busy. 

I went today to a free skin cancer screening and learned that I'm doing a good job protecting myself from the sun, at least up until this point.  No questionable moles so far--I just need to make sure and keep my fair-skin in the shade and covered up in the future too.  Brandon only had 1 that needed to be removed when he went in last year, but I still thought it was amusing that he had any with his dark hair, eyes and skin.. just goes to show that EVERYONE needs to protect themselves from the sun!!!  Grayson finds himself slathered up any time we're going to be out for more than 5 minutes, even if he hates it! 

Our fair-haired little man is getting more talkative day by day, so I thought I'd post some video from a couple weeks back.  The first one is proof of my ever-talkative boy:

These next two are further proof that Grayson LOVES the camera!  He's not even phased by the awesome bubbles I'm blowing that he normally really enjoys!!

This last one is Grayson enjoying one of my crafty projects that I worked really hard on for his room before he was born.  Brandon helped me with it too, so I can't claim it as all my own though! 

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