Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, 3-day wknds, how I love you!

This is Brandon's 3-day weekend and we've spent it well so far.  Brandon spent some quality time with Grayson Friday morning and I went to my final RoofCrashers Bible Study solo.  It was sort of nice (and a little weird) going out alone!  This morning Grayson and I went to a cloth diaper swap at our local cloth diaper store, giving Brandon some 'me' time and we actually swapped/sold a couple of diapers for ones that we wanted.  I was pretty happy with the deal!  It sort of makes me happy knowing so many people didn't think we'd last with this 'cloth diaper idea' but I actually love it and sometimes feel a bit like a 'cloth diaper snob' as my friend calls herself!  heheh  I definitely prefer cloth now and cringe a little every time we have to use a disposable.  If I can only say one thing for cloth, it's that Grayson's never had even one little spot of diaper rash--the cloth takes care of his little bum and keeps it nice and dry!

On another note, did I mention that I fell down the stairs with Grayson the other day?  I don't think I did.  Well, it wasn't as bad as you're thinking, as we only fell down 4 or 5 steps and I used my body essentially like a sled.  Grayson did bump his head a little, but mostly it just scared him silly and jarred the crap out of me.  He didn't even bruise, but I am pretty sore still.  It definitely scared me to death too and I'm definitely taking the stairs gingerly now. 

I'll leave you on a high note though... you should enjoy this:

Good night!

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  1. Such a cute video! haha When you were talking about him looking at the camera and being an actor, I said to Tyler that he could be a Saturday Night Live cast member and then Brandon said Jimmy Fallon! haha We can even make jokes together from miles away.

    We were out having dinner earlier tonight and Tyler suddenly mentioned that he wished you all were there and that he misses you all. : )