Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and just when I thought it was getting better...

I woke up this morning to Brandon getting ready for work!  To my amazement, Grayson was still asleep and had slept through the night!  I actually got to sleep from 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.!!!  Inconceivable!!  And, Grayson actually ended up sleeping until 6:30 and I just brought him in bed with me, fed him and just played there until about 7:15.  And that's when it started going downhill.

As we were playing in bed, I realized just how sore I am from falling down the stairs.  I'm bruised and my back is very tender.  I'm sure Grayson must be sore too... I mean, we both fell.  :o(  I'm also starting to get Grayson's cold, and it hurts my back when I cough, so I'm also sure coughing isn't much fun for him either.  :o(  I decided it was time for Grayson's Big Boy Breakfast (oatmeal with avocado and fruit), so I successfully made it down the stairs with him and put him in his highchair.  Smooth sailing so far!  Then, I put one spoonful into his mouth and he unfortunately started coughing and vomited milk all over himself and highchair #1.  Ugh.  *breathe, it could be worse*  So, I cleaned him up and moved him over to our portable seat which was thankfully still set up from the Woodbridges being over Sunday night.  He eats the rest of his cereal--Yay!!  Then, another coughing fit.  Up comes part of the cereal all over him, me and highchair #2.  Seriously?  *it's worse.*

So here I am, 1 hour later.  I've bathed Grayson and put him down for a nap.  I've struggled with not one, but two highchair covers and finally got them off their frames and into the washer.  Now, I'm sitting here listening to my poor little man cough through his nap. 

I'm really starting to reconsider the whole 'we want more than one child' notion.

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