Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank you, Jesus, for healing our bodies and giving us a good 2 days :o)

Seriously, the last two days have been wonderful!  God heard and answered my prayers!  We had a wonderful time in Indy at the zoo.  We met some good friends up there and Britney was kind enough to get us in on her family membership, so we even got in free!  Other than having to stop on the way and wipe snot off of Grayson's face from a monster sneeze (I couldn't let him sit in snot the whole drive!!), everything was smooth sailing!  We saw all of the animals and the weather stayed nice for us.  It was a little warm, but there was plenty of shade to enjoy.  We even stopped at the end for a splash in the sprinklers (which Grayson was not real keen on, suprisingly) and that cooled both of us off.  I'll post pictures of that later!

On the way home, I met a super nice lady that I found on Craigslist who sold me a practically brand new wagon for Grayson!  It was the one that I wanted already, like Carter's that he's already rode in.  It's a $140 wagon and I got it for $50!!!  It doesn't even look like it's been ridden in!  There's not even any scratches or scuffs!  God really blessed us with this one!  Today, God blessed us again, because I met yet another lady I found on Craigslist who sold me two little ride-on toys.  One is a $40 Stride-to-ride-Lion and the other one is a little car.  I got both for $20!  Good thing we're moving soon--Grayson's toys are really taking over the house!  I've definitely determined Craigslist is the perfect place to look for toys for Grayson.  We're not afraid of getting something used for sure!  Everything so far has been perfect and at a great price.  I hope your last two days were as good as mine.

Good night!

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