Sunday, June 20, 2010


Even after being together 4.5 years, we can still crack each other up!  This morning after we fed Grayson his breakfast, I made Brandon a nice Father's Day meal:  omelet, turkey bacon and waffles!  As we sat there eating together and Grayson played happily, we were "cracking" each other up with some terribly "egg-cellent" 1-liners!!  What a nice, refreshing morning!  Even though we are both still sick, it's been nice.  Unfortunately, we opted out of going to church this morning because we were afraid of getting other people sick.  Hopefully by next week, we'll be feeling better.  I feel bad that he missed the Father's Day service, but we both decided it was for the best!

The other refreshing part of our weekend was our visit to our new house!  All praise be to Jesus--they left it in pretty good condition!!!  We're still going to have it cleaned, but it looks pretty good!  They also left the curtain rods, which was an unexpected surprise!!  We will be heading to Lowe's as soon as Grayson wakes up from his nap so we can purchase some things for the house.  We need new blinds, and all the supplies to prep the walls for paint.  Then, we'll head back later and get some paint.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us for the next few weeks, but I'm just super glad that the house looks pretty good!

**cheers!**  Here's to our refreshing weekend.

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  1. YAY! SO happy the house is EMPTY! Woooo! And glad you all are getting to feel better too. : )