Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TEETH!!! and other major developments!

So, we had a crazy busy weekend that started off with a bang!  Grayson woke up Friday morning with a tooth!  It had barely broken the gums, but you could see it AND feel it!  I was so happy for my little man!  Now, he has the one and another one causing him a lot of pain.  We were up a lot last night because every time he tries to put something in his mouth, it hurts.  Generic Tylenol and teething tablets are our best friends right now! 

Grayson also can show us what he wants by staring at whatever it is and squeezing his hands together!  (He's actually signing 'milk' but that was how he learned to tell me he wanted to eat, so it just transferred!).  He's saying Dada now too, and contrary to Brandon's belief, he does know what he's saying.  Brandon is in Chicago for a couple of days for a conference this week and we called him this morning to say hello and while Brandon was talking on speaker phone, Grayson said "dada"!!  I'm sure that made Brandon's day! 

Last Friday, we were able to close on our new house, so we are officially home-owners again!  We are set to take possession on June 18, but we probably won't move in until June 25-26.  That week in between is set aside for major cleaning and a bit of painting.  Hopefully all will go as planned, but the previous owner still hadn't found a place for them to move as of closing day.  She has been informed of this for over a month now though, so I'm not feeling so sorry for her at this point.  If we have to, we can legally evict her, but we'd really like for it not to come to that.  Keep that situation in your prayers if you don't mind! 

Grayson's birthday party is set for August 21, so mark your calendars!  It will be at the new house and will be a "Monster Splash" theme, complete with water toys in the back for the kids to play in.  Adults and children are welcome!  We will probably have it around 4 pm so that the kids won't get sunburned and we'll provide bbq for dinner!  I can't believe our little monster will be 1 soon!!!  :o(  Seems like yesterday, I was holding him in the Boppy watching him nap.  Now, we're lucky to get a good nap!

I hope you all have a good week.  I'll try to get some pictures posted soon!

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