Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fun day ahead!

Yesterday, I went in to get Grayson and this is what I found:

He must have been inspired found strength in his new fireman pajamas (courtesy of Carter!)

So I decided that it was DEFINITELY time to lower his crib mattress since he's trying to pull up on the bars!!  So, last night when Daddy got home, his first order of business was to lower it.  This morning, Grayson approved:

AND, showed off a little plumber-butt, baby style!!

SOO cute right?!!  In another pair of cute pajamas with a matching green diaper!  He also had to get his flu booster shot yesterday afternoon, and he took it like a man!  He only fussed about 1.5 seconds and then went back to his smiley self. 

Today we are heading over to play in the water with Carter again.  This time I will take the Flip and hopefully have some cute video for you tomorrow!  Until then... enjoy your day!

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