Saturday, April 17, 2010

wow! It's Saturday!

So, for the last couple of days, I've completely forgotten to blog!  We've been pretty busy though, so you'll have to cut us some slack.  Thursday we went to JoAnn's and I got some fabric to make tutus for a shoot that I'm doing today with Brandon's boss' family.  They have triplets!  I hope to take some good pictures, because you don't get many chances to photograph triplets in your life!!  If I get any good ones, I'll try and post some of them just so you all can see their amazing cuteness as well!  We haven't seen them in several months, so I'm sure they're going to look huge to us now!

Friday Brandon had the day off, so we got up and packed a picnic lunch and went to Karst Farm to eat it.  It was SOOO pretty out and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Grayson enjoyed watching the trees blow in the wind.  After our picnic, we headed to the potential new house for the dreaded inspection.  MUCH to our delight, the inspection went FANTASTIC and there's not really anything major wrong with the house!!!!  Our inspector was actually really impressed with the condition.  It has lots of nice upgrades too.  The only thing that we're even going to ask about is the railing on the deck.  Code says it has to be 36" tall and it's only 32".  It's also pretty wobbly, but since the homeowner built the deck, I think he'll probably just fix it himself.  So, God has blessed us again and worked this out!  So, now all that's left is getting our financing in order and getting the appraisal done from the bank we choose.  Then, hopefully we'll close on June 4!   PRAISE GOD!!

This morning started with a bang for us--Grayson woke up about 8 and Brandon went and got him and brought him in bed with us where he nursed and then proceeded to throw up all over me, himself and our bed!!!  So, off to the bath he went!  I'm sure Mr. Quackers (his new ducky bathtub) was surprised to see him so early in the morning!  I think he just ate too much too fast, and he was still probably full from yesterday...  he ate 2/3 C of oatmeal, 3.5 oz of blueberries, 3.5 oz of greenbeans, and a full 6 oz of his favorite apple yogurt last night at our small group!  Yes, he's quite the eater!!  Thankfully, we're all clean now and he's ready for his nap... hope you all have a great weekend ahead!

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