Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Do you ever get sooo behind on something that you hesitate to even start because you know it's going to take so long to get caught up?!  Well, that's how I feel right now!  Many of you have expressed your concerns over our missing blog days, so it's time for me to step up to the plate!!  It definitely hasn't been because we've been too boring... it's because we've been SUPER busy!  (heheh  I accidentally typed 'busty' instead of busy right then, and SUPER busty is definitely something that we're NOT!!  lol)  Anywho...

So catching up...  last Wednesday, I had a photoshoot over at the IU campus with the Bolam-King family.  They consist of Dad-Brenden, Mama-Sidney, and their cutie-pie 1-yr-old, Theo.  We had a wonderful time and Grayson was a rockin awesome baby the whole time!!  He just laid on his little blanket and watched the trees and birds.  Thanks to his goodness, here are a few of the moments I snapped:

Thursday and Friday are sort of a blur now, but I know we played outside on our back deck for a while on Thursday...

Where Grayson is, Mortimer is not far behind!
Can I fit my whole hand in my mouth!  You bet--I have no teeth yet!! My other best friend... my thumb! "What's that thing Mama!  And why is it always pointed at me?!"

Friday we played with Carter and I had another first... my first ride in a swing!!

I LOVED IT!!!  Carter got to swing with me too!!
We were going REALLLLLLLY fast guys!!
And just in case you're wondering what Alyssa looks like...  she kind of looks like Mommy!  They even have the same middle name--Dawn!  God works in funny ways sometimes!  

Saturday we drove down to Louisville to spend time with Brandon's family.  His younger brother, Tyler, was graduating from college at 11:30, so we got up bright and early and drove down for that.  Other than deciding to talk right in the middle of the graduation, Grayson did GREAT (and looked adorable, as always)!!  

We are very proud of Uncle Tyler!!

My husband LOVES to jump in my pictures!!
  At least I got a good one later...  :o)

Finally, at 3 pm Saturday, we went to the Southeast Christian Church Easter Service.  That's the church that Brandon's family regularly attends.  It's HUGE!  We had a wonderful time and it was a great message about the power of God.  We were reminded that the power that rose Jesus Christ from the dead is alive in all of us and can empower us to overcome any obstacle.  What a great message!

Sunday morning, Grayson got to open his easter baskets...  He had a great time and opened his baskets all by himself...

In Grayson's basket from Mom & Dad, he got a ducky (which the dog chewed on, so he has to be washed!).  He also got a bunch of plastic eggs (which turned out to be his favorite thing of all--I don't know why we spend money on toys!!), Toy Story I & 2 (see previous posts about the deals you can get!), and 3 books--The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Guess How Much I Love You, and Daddy's favorite, Harold and the Purple Crayon.  We were amazed at how our little man looks just like Harold!! 

In Gigi & Grandpa's basket, he got some new clothes, a stuffed bunny, and the basket itself was a pail and a shovel to use in the sand!  What a great idea!  Grandma Glenda in Missouri send Grayson a telephone rattle (which is his new favorite) and a stuffed bunny, along with some money to put in his savings account.  Grandma said that the rattle is just like one that I used to have, only mine was pink and his is red.  She said that I also loved it.

Monday, I spent most of the day editing pictures from the shoot above and Grayson was a beast.  I think he was tired from the weekend and was just out of sorts because his routine was off.  We also had our first "accident" on Sunday morning--Grayson fell off the bed.  He cried a lot, but didn't even bruise anywhere, so I think it scared him more than anything.  We all learned an important lesson though--Grayson can't be left alone even for a second now!!!

Yesterday, we played over at Carter's again and Grayson had yet another first--he played in the water outside for the first time!  Alyssa even let us use one of their little swim diapers and since it was 86 out, I slathered the sunblock on him and he had a merry time!  He splashed so much he got Alyssa and I wet too!  He wore himself out in the water because as soon as I put him in the swing, he fell asleep!  Alyssa got a picture that I'll try to post soon.  Since Gray was sleeping when we left, I ran to Target to pick up a few things and got Grayson his first pair of big boy swim trunks!  They have little surfboards on them... we can't wait to try them out!!

On another non-Grayson front, we have finally accepted an offer on the house!  If all goes well, we close June 4th and move in June 18th!!  It's far from over, as we still have the inspection to go.  Since we are giving them 98% of their asking price, we will be asking them to cover anything and everything that comes up in the inspection.  I know God is answering our prayers and will continue to take care of us...

Well, little man is awake from his nap, so I gotta run.  Please remind me if I've left something out everyone!!

Take care...


  1. Wow Mama! You really made up for days without a post :) I'll upload that picture right now (since Carter is napping) and e-mail it to you.

  2. Haha Ya, I was really sort of dreading it, but thankfully Grayson slept long enough that I was able to get it done. Hopefully Carter gave you a good nap too!