Friday, April 23, 2010

the smell of rain...

Yesterday we woke up and I got Grayson dressed in an insufferably cute outfit and knew I just HAD to share it with you all.  It's one that we got from Alyssa (of course, all of our clothes are from her now!) and it just made me melt.  So, I started to take him outside on the deck for a photo op, and to my surprise I opened the door to the wonderful smell of spring rain!  The deck was soaked, so all you get are some less-than-stellar indoor shots...

don't you just want to pick him up and squeeze him?!

He LOVES putting everything in his mouth, and the poor blanket was no exception!

We spent the day playing and then met Alyssa and Carter over at the local cloth diaper store (Barefoot Herbs, Barefoot Kids) and then went for ice cream at Dairy Queen.  They're having an awesome deal right now where you can buy one blizzard and get another for a quarter, so Alyssa was awesome enough to buy me a blizzard!  God bless her!  It was sooo good.  Brandon and I will go this weekend because he felt left out :o(  Poor guy.  :o)

Grayson is still eating us out of house and home and I am at a loss to where it is all going.  Night before last, he drank a 5 oz bottle I had pumped that morning AND then he nursed for almost 10 minutes!!!  He had to have consumed at least 9 or 10 oz in one setting and didn't spit up or anything.  Then, this morning he ate a half cup of oatmeal and 3.5 oz of fruit for breakfast!  Crazy guy. 

We went to RoofCrashers this morning at church and my group was in charge of childcare this morning, so we enjoyed playing with all the other babies.  Kelly was there, the nice Mama in charge of the Sunday morning childcare and her son Jackson LOVES Grayson.  Sunday he asked Kelly to call me to see if Grayson could come over and play with them!  Jackson is 4 I think and they also have 3-yr-old twins.  (I know, brave huh?!)  Next week we might go over and play for a while so Jackson gets his 'Grayson fix'!!  :o)  Kelly's kids are adorable and she the sweetest Mama too.  They've watched Grayson for us before and I think he never even touched the floor the whole time he was there! 

Well, Brandon will be home soon, and Grayson is refusing to nap, so I gotta run.  You all have a great weekend!

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