Sunday, April 11, 2010

it's raining baby clothes!

Hello peeps!  It's been a wonderful weekend here in Bloomington!  Friday night we went attended a Progressive Dinner with about 25 other couples and it was a blast!  We got to know a few more people and enjoyed learning about some of the elders from our church.  Three separate families hosted all 50+ of us in their homes and fed us!!!  At the first house, we were at one of the Elder's homes that helps with our Young Marrieds' Sunday School class and we had some wonderful appetizers.  At the next elders' home, we had our main dinner and it was awesome!  At the final home, our pastor's house, we had dessert.  At each home, there were additional elders' and their families (which were all REALLY young to be 'elders' I thought!) helping serve all of us.  Our Sunday School teachers (our usual babysitters, Mark & Marilyn) asked each couple to tell us how they met, how they proposed, and a funny story from their honeymoon.  Several of their answers really surprised us and had us all laughing wholeheartedly!  It was SO fun getting to know all of them.  Grayson stayed at Kelly's house (the nursery coordinator at the church) and he LOVES her!  He had fun and was sleeping on her when we picked him up.  She spoils him rotten! 

Saturday we didn't do much... just a few errands and enjoyed each other's company.  Today we went to church, came home and cleaned!  Alyssa has been AWESOME and is letting us use Carter's summer clothes from last year and since they're all 6-9 months, they should get us through most of the summer.  We might need some bigger stuff towards the end of summer, but for now, we're set!  He's got more clothes than I do now!  It's so nice of her to let us borrow them, and in turn we're 'storing' them for her! 

Grayson is now eating yogurt and it might just be his new favorite thing!  And, we learned he likes bananas if they're pureed and mixed with blueberries!  He won't eat them by themselves though.  He had a good bath tonite and his kicking in the tub is getting even more forceful now that he can jump in Carter's Jumparoo that they let us borrow.  I don't know what we'd do without them!!  Thank you God for placing them in our life.  What blessings we've been given!!

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  1. We're happy Grayson can use the clothes Carter has outgrown while helping us store them :) And we're thankful to have your family in our lives!