Wednesday, April 14, 2010

our busy, mostly fun day

So, as I said yesterday, we went over to the King's to play in the water with Carter.  We got there right around lunch time and Alyssa and I shared the leftover homemade BBQ pizza I had made the night before.  It was surprisingly still pretty good as leftovers!  Carter took a nap while I fed Grayson his lunch.  Grayson wasn't too keen on nursing all day, and now I'm afraid that he's going to ween himself before we even reach a year old!!  He's getting better at drinking from his sippy, and can hold his own bottle now too.  My little man is growing up too fast! 

After lunch was all done, Grayson, Alyssa and I went out to swing until Carter woke up.  We had about 30 minutes before his nearly 3-hr nap was over (I WISH Grayson would nap that long!!!) and then we all got ready to play in the water.  I put Grayson in his new swim trunks and sun-protective shirt and we loaded both boys down with lots of California Baby sunblock.  Our boys were NOT getting a sunburn today peeps!!  Grayson actually eventually figured out that he could 'grab' the water when it sprinkled out of the little containers, but my Flip died before we got that... boo.  Anyway, he's some of the fun:


As always, Grayson took a good nap in the swing, and then we took the boys for a wagon ride down to see the cows (Alyssa's next door neighbor has a farm).  It was Grayson's first wagon ride ever!!!  (Forgive me for the quality, they were from my phone!)

The cows had all huddled up under a tree in the only shade in the entire pasture, so we couldn't see them too well... but who could blame them?!  It was over 80 out!  We decided to put the Boppy around Gray to protect him if he bounced over against the sides since it's a pretty bumpy dirt/gravel road... instead, he just decided to lounge!  But, who could blame him?!  Soft, comfy pillow seat...

We had an awesome time at their house... but then when we got home, I noticed that Grayson felt really warm.  But hey, we'd just been outside all day right?  Wrong.  I should have noticed these as the symptoms we had after his 2-mo shots, but I didn't :o(   Refusing to nurse... check.  Low grade fever... check.  Projectile vomiting up his dinner...  CHECK.  Ya, so 5 oz of green beans and a blueberry/apple mix ALL over himself and the highchair.  Poor guy.  But, he laughed as soon as it was over, even though he was sitting in a PUDDLE 2 inches deep!  Ugh.  Brandon immediately rushed him into a bath while I cleaned everything up and tossed his high chair cover into the wash. 

Thankfully, he's good as new this morning!  Even down to his 30-minute nap.  Boo.  Gotta run!!

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