Monday, March 15, 2010

get well soon Gigi!!

Yesterday we went to church, like usual, only during the 11:00 service, Brandon and I helped out in the "Crawlers" room (which Grayson isn't quite in just yet).  I think Brandon was a little nervous, but thankfully spring break thinned out the attendance a little.  We only had 5 crawlers/walkers and 3 adults... so we ran a zone defense until a little guy named Jack took me out of the game!  He got really sleepy (as he always does I hear) and just wanted to rock with me in the glider.  After rubbing his cute, little, red-haired head for about 20 minutes, he finally went to sleep.  He ended up sleeping on me for about 30 minutes and I was a sweaty mess when his Dad came to pick him up!  Grayson obviously wasn't too bothered because he fell asleep on a lady in his class too!  Brandon did a great job helping and I'm confident that when we decide to have another, he'll be ready.

Brandon and I ordered pizza last night and watched "Up in the Air"--a decent movie.  Grayson got tired and I put him to bed around 7 (6:00 by his schedule!) and he slept until 7:30 this morning without waking up even once!!!  He then napped for 2.5 hours this morning!  He's got another cold (boooo) and his poor eyes always look like he's crying!  His little nose is also super-runny again, but it's clear and super-runny.  Check it out in full view:

Complete with snotty sneezes that run all the way to his chin!  He's still pretty happy though and not too cranky.  We went to Sams today to pick up some stuff and he was his usual flirty self. 

Grayson wanted to send a special message to Gigi (Brandon's Mom had surgery on her knee today and will be at home for 2 weeks recovering, so we're going to try and send her extra special messages for the next 2 weeks!):

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