Saturday, March 13, 2010

whiz kid

So we had the house inspection Friday and it went decently well.  We have a few things that we want taken care of, but for the most part I think we're good to go.  Looks like we might be living in a new house this summer! 

We spent the day today just playing with Grayson and enjoying our weekend.  Brandon decided to let Gray "air out" for a little while today and he ended up peeing all over himself and the carpet!!!  (And here I thought I wouldn't have to clean pee out of the carpet any more after losing Alex...)  It was a little funny though, I must admit!  He gets cuter every day I think.  Even when he's cranky, he's still cute and not too bad to take care of.  It's a wonderful job I have, even if I don't get any days off! 

Life hasn't been too crazy or eventful here, so I haven't really felt like I had much to say lately!  Sorry we're so boring!  Nonetheless, here's some videos for you to enjoy!

"Grayson, I am your Father." 

"Camera Shy"

"Sitting up... almost."

I am soooo ready for Grayson to sit up on his own!  Several other babies his age are already doing it, but his pediatrician isn't worried at all and says he'll do it when he's ready.  I think he's just making me sweat it!  He would rather stand up than anything.  He's still doing some things that 7-8 mo-olds do, but just refuses to sit up.  Oh, and I promise I caught him when he fell over at the end of the video! 

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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