Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so I feel like I'm slacking a bit!

Sorry, no pictures today either.  I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and Grayson has been uber-cranky the past couple of days.  I think he officially may be cutting a tooth.  I can't see anything yet, but he's showing many of the symptoms...  not sleeping well at night, taking a lot of short naps during the day, drooling like crazy, chewing on everything, and demanding to be held all the time.  He even got a bit cranky at our library class this morning and he usually LOVES that class.  He's still eating well thankfully.  So, I'll keep my eye out and see if anything appears!

We scheduled the home inspection for next Friday (the 12th), so hopefully that goes well!  I'm getting really excited about moving into a new house!  It was so nice to walk across the floor upstairs and not hear creaking!!  I'm also excited to get a nice patio set next summer and have people over.  The .3 acre yard is already fenced, so it'll be perfect for Grayson and his buddies to toodle around in.  We'll have to get him a little pool! 

We have a new play group tomorrow morning, so hopefully Grayson will be in a good mood.  I'll try to take a picture or video tomorrow to make up for the past couple of days!  It's been crazy, but the week is coming to the end...

Good night!

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