Tuesday, March 2, 2010

short one tonite peeps!

Well, it's already past our bedtime, but I can't miss yet another day this week!  Hectic day here, but our accepted, signed offer is in our hands!  Now we just have to schedule the inspection and appraisal.  We are super excited, and a bit nervous.  It's a big investment and we have a lot more riding on it now...  with a little one in tow, we've got a lot more to think about.  

Speaking of Grayson, he is getting a little more hair!!  It seems like he's been bald forever, poor guy, but he does have a good amount of peach fuzz growing in on the top, mohawk-style!  He's also been upgraded to the big bathtub, complete with his little bathtub inside since he can't quite sit up by himself just yet.  He kicks and splashes too much for us to do it at the sink any more!!  Brandon and I end up looking like we took a bath ourselves. 

Oh, and one more thing... I got peed on today!  It's the first time it's happened in MONTHS!!!  I was giving Grayson his little baby massage before putting him to bed and decided to let him "air out" before putting his jammies on him and he decided to give me a shower!!!  *tee-hee*  I looked like I peed my pants!  Daddy got him dressed while I changed my clothes.  Grayson was super proud. 

Good night everyone.

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