Monday, March 8, 2010

quick update! (UPDATED w/pics!!)

Grayson had his 6 month shots today and did fantastic with them...  He also had a HUGE first today!!!  He rolled over from back to belly!  He can officially roll over both ways now!  Pictures will come tomorrow, I promise!

Good night!


This is actually Tuesday morning, but I just got the chance to update yesterday...

Grayson did fantastic all day yesterday and only cried about 20 seconds when he got his shots.  He was his usual flirty self with all of the nurses, smiling and cooing at them, even after his shots!  He was wearing his little cow-print cloth diaper and they were all teasing that "his cows would get out"!  I hadn't heard that phrase since I lived in Missouri! 

Brandon got home a little early, so we decided to take a walk since it was beautiful and almost 65 out!!!  YAY!!  Spring is coming!  I also decided to make Grayson some more pears and peaches since he was almost out, so Grayson was laying in the floor jibber-jabbering and playing on his blanket:

Pretty soon, I looked up and he was rolling himself up in his blanket playing (not because he was cold):

A couple more minutes past and I looked up and to my amazement, this is what I saw!!

HE WAS ON HIS BELLY!!!!!!!!  I've been working with him for months to roll over this way, but since he hates being on his belly so much, he didn't seem too inclined to do it.  I immediately took this picture and ran over to him and he was just SMILING!!  He was so proud of himself!  I was sad that I missed it, but when I went to change his diaper a bit later, he did it again trying to squirm away from me!  (I have a feeling that the 'easy' diaper changes are over now!)  You can also see his "6-month Birthday" toy to the right there--the pop-up ball toy, which he likes. 

We got another awesome surprise yesterday when we walked down to the mailbox--Elizabeth and Robert James had sent Grayson a huge box, all the way from ENGLAND!!!  Brandon and I met them when we were all on our honeymoon in St. Lucia!!  They were such a great couple and we hung out almost every day while we were all there.  We had a lot of fun together.

Anyway, they sent Grayson a host of fantastic gifts, each with a little "England" attached! 

His very own Paddington bear, his very own Peter Rabbit (complete with his favorite food, carrots, attached!) a little red jersey, and two books about his new babies!!!  We were wonderfully surprised and Grayson is very happy with all of his gifts, as you can see!! 

Well, we're off to the doctor soon, so I gotta go.  But, Elizabeth and Robert, we adore and miss you!!!  Thank you so much for the kind gifts!! 

Love you all!

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