Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh, how I love you, dear sweet weekend!

Fun day here in Paradi, er, Bloomington! This morning we met Darlene, our realtor, at the house in Prominence Pointe that is our "back-up" house if we don't find anything we like better.  We walked through it again today and definitely think we could make it work and I'm finding myself liking it a lot better this time around.  We also looked at another house for sale in the neighborhood that we're definitely passing on.  Finally, we looked at an empty lot that is proposed construction for another house of the same model as the house we just ended up backing out on.  We also narrowed that one out because the lot is kind of crappy and small.  Oh, and tomorrow we're going to an open house for another property that we're interested in after church.  We'll keep you all updated, but would really appreciate any prayers you'd like to send up!!

It was a sunny 60 this afternoon and Brandon and I decided to take Grayson on a hike!  There's a little trail that runs through the woods behind our townhomes and we strapped Gray in the Bjorn and away we went.  We recently purchased his first baseball cap to help with his light sensitivity in his pretty baby blues and boy did he look absolutely adorable all snug in the Bjorn and in his little cap!!  We hiked the whole trail (probably a quarter of a mile-ish).  Grayson had a great time looking at all the new things and listening to the birds chirp.  He found some of the bird calls funny and let out little squeals of his own!  I guess we really wore him out because we got home, played with him for a bit, fed him and he was asleep by 6:15!!  I'm wondering how long he'll sleep tonite though!

So, no pictures today, but we spoiled you last time with all of the video, so you'll be okay.  Good night everyone!

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