Tuesday, March 30, 2010

normal day...

Just did laundry and a little more grocery shopping today!  I did a lot of cooking, as Grayson was in a better mood today.  I made him some plums, avocado, peaches and more apples!  I also picked up some Gerber Organic 2nd Foods for him at the grocery store in things that I can't make him right now, like Blueberries/Pears, Strawberry/Apples, Carrots and Green Beans.  The strawberries are an allergen unless they've been pasteurized and it's not recommended to give it to babies less than 1 if it's not pasteurized, so we went with the store-bought version so it's okay for him.  The same with the blueberries, but they're a lesser allergen, so now that he's had them, I'll probably start making them for him.  He did like them though!!  He ate the whole container today!  Carrots and green beans are more of a problem because of the nitrates in the soil.  Babyfood companies preselect the vegetables that are grown in nitrogen-poor areas of the country, so their's are okay.  Anyway, that was boring!!

For dinner, I made pulled pork for sandwiches, homemade macaroni & cheese and baked beans!  I hadn't ever made pulled pork or the mac & cheese before, so I was a bit nervous, but it was all pretty good! 

Tomorrow Alyssa & Carter are coming over in the morning to use our washing machine to strip her cloth diapers.  Turns out front loaders aren't great for washing cloth diapers!  And, on a high note for me, I have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon!  A lady called me today to do a shoot with her 1-year-old little guy, so I'm meeting her at the IU campus with Grayson in towe!  Hopefully, he's a good baby tomorrow!!!  The weather's supposed to be in the mid-70's, so it'll be beautiful out!  Wish me luck!

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