Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Good Day.

Last night Grayson slept nearly 14 hours with only 2 wake-ups, so we all got a pretty decent night's sleep.  He then went back to sleep for his morning nap and slept 2.5 more hours!  Alyssa and Carter came over after Carter's library class (Gray and Carter are now in different classes because Carter is older) and they had lunch with us and played for a bit.  It was such a nice day Grayson and I walked down to the mailbox and around the complex for a little bit before he got restless and needed his afternoon nap.  Tonite he got to splish-splash in the bathtub for a while and ate some dinner and then off to bed he went!  So, a very easy-peasy day for Grayson and me.  Tomorrow we have playgroup, so that'll tire him out for sure!  Brandon and I are enjoying our time to ourselves tonite while Grayson is sleeping, so I'm gonna jump off.  Love you all!

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