Saturday, March 6, 2010

Small group and naps all around!

Last night our small group met at our house and stayed until 10, so I wasn't able to write.  We had a fantastic time though!  Amazingly enough, we fit Alyssa, Brian & little Carter, Anand & Adrienne, Tim & Julie, Jill & Travis AND Brandon, Grayson & I all in our little townhouse!!!  We had close fellowship!  It was great though!

Brandon took a half day Friday, so we were able to spend a little extra time together, so that was nice.  I also made Grayson a lot more food--butternut squash, nectarines, and more sweet potatoes.  I used the extra oven-roasted butternut squash to make some soup and it turned out really tasty.  Grayson had some of the butternut squash today and he liked it just as much as the acorn squash I think.  He'll pretty much eat anything though, just like his Daddy!  Everything but bananas!  Today we also did some laundry, played and just had a nice, relaxing day.  We all took a nap this afternoon, which could possibly be the best part of my weekend, after our small group!  After our nap, Grayson was really chatty, but every time we tried to video it, he would stop and stare at the camera!  Brandon finally got a little bit for you all:  

He's finally in bed now and Brandon and I are watching a classic:  Forrest Gump.  We'd both forgotten how great of a movie it is...  

Wishing you all a fantastic night...

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