Monday, February 8, 2010

and just like that...

Can you believe the Colts lost?!  We were very disappointed indeed.  But, the Saints were a stellar opponent and played very well.  Hats off to them...   And just like that--Everyone in Indiana is on a suicide watch!!

We had a couple of firsts here today!!  I made my very first homemade baby food for Grayson!!  I purchased a butternut squash at Kroger this weekend and prepared it today.  Grayson liked it too, but not as much as his beloved carrots!  And just like that--I made about a dozen servings for less than half what I would have paid for it pre-made in jars!

On an even bigger note--Grayson slept through the night!!  We put him down about 9:30 (Late I know, but he was up watching the game with his buddy Carter) and he didn't get up until 7 this morning!!!  I was beyond excited.  And just like that--he grew up a little more  :-(

Well, I hope you all had a great day...  talk to ya tomorrow!

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