Sunday, February 7, 2010

so this is what it's like...

Ever wondered what it's like to live in a city where the home team is in the superbowl?!  We got a taste of it today!!  These are horrible pictures taken from my poor little phone, but one doesn't expect to find something this camera-worthy at church every Sunday!!!

So, your bulletin will look like this:
Your speakers/announcers will look like this:

And your stage will look like this:

Notice there are uprights (2 sets actually!), and what you can't quite make out are the set of markers and a scoreboard, and even a mini Goodyear blimp!!  Oh, and it was pretty much a sea of blue and white.  The choir looked like fans in the bleachers!  There were more Colts jerseys than in Footlocker!  I'm pretty sure that if we had shown up wearing black & gold (the Saints' colors), we would have been asked to leave... church.  hahahah  Thankfully, we were smart enough to wear blue.  The message was about defeating your enemy: David & Goliath style.  All I can say is that these people also bleed blue--but not for UK!!

Grayson might be experiencing another "first"--his first cold.  Daddy brought home a cold last week and is now passing it on to Mommy (yay) and Gray has a runny nose.  Pray that that's all we experience!

I gotta run--the game is starting soon and Heaven forbid we don't see the kickoff!!  Here's a cute pic of Grayson playing with Mortimer sitting up all by himself on the couch!

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