Friday, February 26, 2010

crazy day (in pictures!)

Grayson didn't sleep well at all last night, so we unfortunately had to skip my women's Bible Study this morning.  His poor little nose is still runny and after another dose of baby Benadryl about 5 a.m., he slept until almost 10:30 a.m.  When he woke up though, this is what I saw:


As you can see, he was very happy to be awake!  And, just like always, he had wiggled and squirmed his way to this odd placement... a 270 degree turn with his feet up against the rails!  But hey, at least he was happy!  We proceeded to the changing table as we do every morning...


And still... HAPPY!!!  And might I add that I did not look this cute and happy after waking up 5 times in one night!!  Even so, I was still able to get this beautiful shot:

What a sweet boy we have...  :o)  After a new diaper and some new clothes, I brought him into bed with me to play for a bit and he excitedly showed me his newest trick!!

He's so proud of himself!  Now, in addition to losing his socks in the laundry, we'll be losing them all over the apartment!!   Yay!

We played a lot today and picked up some groceries from WalMart, where more ladies fawned over him, and then went to our new small group tonite!  We are still deciding what we want to study so tonite we just played games and more ladies fawned over Grayson (which he LOVES!).  Hopefully tonite will be a better night for him...  it's definitely going to be a better night for me because BRANDON'S COMING HOME!!!!  YAY!!!  We love you Dad and can't wait to see you in the morning!

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