Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, Brandon and I are officially homeless!  Or, shall I say, house-less!  We still have the apartment and 'home' is where we are, so we still have a "home".  For those who didn't know, we closed on the sale of our house this morning in Kentucky!  We are a little sad, but relieved to not be making two house payments any more.  And, a relief to me, the couple is not going to paint right over Grayson's moose/bear room that I hand-painted.  Turns out Mr. Hopper is an avid outdoors-man, and is filling the room with his hunting gear.  What a departure from our sweet boy's stuffed animals, but hey, at least they're not destroying all of my hard work!  Mrs. Hopper's Sister past away this week and they were actually having to drive up to Indianapolis for the funeral today, so I would ask that you all pray for them... what a sad occasion for what would otherwise be a great day for them.

Thank you to Molly and Tyler for being so hospitable to our crazy family!!  We really appreciate them allowing us to commandeer one of their bedrooms last night.  We hope Grayson didn't keep you up.  And thanks Molly for a wonderful breakfast!  I'm sad I didn't get to eat all of mine though!  I think we should have just showed up late!  hahah  It was also nice seeing a few friends for lunch.

Well, I'm spent.  I think I'm going to follow in Grayson's footsteps and pass out early tonite.  Brandon is at the "Manly Man" Conference at our church tonite, so I've had the evening to myself.  It's been nice and quiet and now I'm sleepy!  Good night everyone!

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  1. Congrats again on selling the house so quickly! You're welcome to stay anytime. We LOVED having you all, but especially Grayson. haha. I'll be thinking about you all this week while Brandon is away. Isn't technology wonderful to keep in touch with the ones you love the most? I've been e-mailing Tyler pix from LA already. Take care!