Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bye Bye Daddy!

Brandon has to travel for work this week, so he left at 5 a.m. (YIKES) to catch a plane to Oregon.  He'll be off to California, Florida, and back to Indiana before Saturday hits.  So, he's got a busy week and we've...  well, I'm going to be a lonely, single Mama this week!  Grayson and I went to church without Dad this morning and were a couple minutes behind, but not too bad for doing it all myself.  Alyssa's in-laws were kind enough to invite me to lunch with them, and Brian's Dad even held Gray so I could eat.  I was very thankful!  

We've just been playing this afternoon, and just for Dad, I'm going to try and post a lot of video this week...  so, if you like that sort of thing, THIS is the week to follow our blog!!  hahah  First up is one of Grayson playing with one of his toys--he just figured out that if he pushes on the hanging pedals, the music changes! 

Next up is one of our little red M&M trying to sit up using his Boppy--he can do it, but I've yet to really get it on video... this is my latest attempt!

Hope you enjoy, and Daddy, WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!

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