Friday, February 5, 2010

going bananas!

So today started out terribly... poor Grayson woke up wet TWICE last night and I had to change his clothes, sheets and the whole shebang.  Up until this point, I've loved cloth diapering, but if we don't get this leaking thing fixed soon, I'm throwing in the towel!  Thankfully, my Bible study got canceled this morning due to the snow (that didn't come this morning) so we were able to sleep in a little.  By the grace of God the day got better and we got some errands done while Grayson slept peacefully in his carseat.  Then, the snow came!  Have I told you that I'm tired of winter already?!  (Uncle Doug, if you're reading this, I don't want to hear a word about how you're wearing shorts in your sunny backyard ;o)

Tonite, Grayson reprieved us with some full on banana action!  Tonite he got to try them for the first time (hand squished by yours truly!) and he ate half a banana before I cut him off...  I'm afraid of what tomorrow's diapers are going to be like!!!  

I hope you all enjoy the pictures...

(That last one is carrots from yesterday!!  I just had to add it because it was cute!)

Good night all!!

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  1. Great pics, Lisa! He's so cute (of course he is, he's a Gupton! LOL!) I look forward to seeing more pics and watching him grow. Love from Uncle Doug!