Saturday, February 27, 2010

YAY!! Daddy's home!!

My favorite part of the day:  Bringing Grayson into bed with me this morning and seeing his face light up when he realized that Dad was in the bed too!!!  soooo cute!!!

My second favorite part of the day:  Seeing the house I love again and having Brandon love it too...  We need prayers now that we can make a successful bid for the house and get the financial side of it all worked out.  

My third favorite part of the day:  Getting to go on a date with my husband knowing that our son was in very grateful, caring hands (A HUGE shoutout to Mark & Marilyn Kinkead for loving on our baby bear).  Brandon and I are participating in "The Great Date Experiment" at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church (SOCC--our church here in Bloomington).  You can check it out at  No matter where you live, you should do these dates!!!  We just completed the first one tonite and are super excited to do the next one...  The questions are great for stimulating non-kids/non-job related conversation!  We really had a great time.  

My one and only least-favorite part of the day:  Giving Grayson his Benadryl (he STILL has a runny nose) and then having him throw up all over me while nursing him for bed... but he smiled while doing it!  I think the Benadryl upsets his stomach, so we're going to have to find something else.  Prayers on that front would be good too!  

Good night everyone.  Want to spend some more time with my sweet husband.  Love you all!

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