Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's/Potty Day!

All of you invisible readers will have to cut us some slack... I missed writing yesterday.  But hey, it was Valentine's Day and we spent it just how I wanted--with each other.  We started the day off on the right foot by worshiping and thanking God for what He has blessed us with.  Then, we viewed a home that we're thinking about buying.  Finally, we spent several hours at our wonderful friends' house where Brandon helped Brian out with some snow plow/truck thing and Gray and I got to chill with Alyssa and Carter watching the Olympics and gabbing.  The day ended with Brandon, Gray and I just Spending some QUAlity Time together, or SQUATing as a friend of mine once called it!

Today was awesome, except for the weather!  We got another 5-7 inches today.  But, this morning Grayson had a first!!!  He pooped in the potty!!  Yes, you read that right--I noticed him giving his trademark "poop face" and promptly yanked down his pants/diaper and held him over the toilet... and he proceeded to do his business and then proudly smile at the end!  No, I haven't absolutely lost my stay-at-home-Mom mind, it's actually a phenomenon called "Elimination Communication" that's catching on in the cloth diapering world (Google it!).  A friend of ours hasn't changed a poopy diaper on her 15-mo-old for over 5 months using this method.  Now that Gray is eating solids, the fewer poopy diapers I change, the better!  Anyway, I think we might give this a whirl.

Grayson finished off the day with a jar of acorn squash and a jar of pears and will hopefully sleep good tonite.  He's such a little pig--before long he'll be eating us out house and home!


I took those the other day while Grayson played in the floor.  He's wearing some of his Babylegs and one of his gDiapers (cloth).  He's such an awesome baby!  :o)

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  1. Congrats on recognizing the poopface! haha That's pretty exciting. I'll have to read up on that, but I have heard of it.
    Grayson looks so happy and even more like Brandon these days!