Saturday, February 20, 2010

proud as pie

This is a special morning blog, but I just had to comment on my wonderful, sweet husband (while he's not here).  Brandon wanted to come back early from the trip to KY so that he could go to the "manly man" conference at our church last night from 7-9.  Well, he came home and told me all about it and what they had done and what he learned...  And he was also the youngest guy at his table and HE was the one leading the conversation!!  He's usually so introverted and shy about that kind of thing, so I am proud beyond belief of him!!!!  He got up early this morning, even after the long day yesterday, and took care of Grayson for a while before he had to leave at 7:45 to get to the church at 8 for the rest of the conference.  I officially have the best husband ever!!  :o)  Hope you all have husbands or find husbands as great as mine!! 

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