Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today has been a pretty good day!  I feel a lot better, thanks to my fever breaking, and am now able to be off my Ibuprofen.  I'm still on the antibiotics though, so the battle's not over.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well-wishes!

Today Grayson got his very first Valentine's Day card!!  My family in Georgia, the Quattlebaums, sent him a special package today.  It had the sweetest card (made me teary!) and this adorable little bear that's just the perfect size for Gray: 

And promptly, he did this with it:
(that means he loves it!)
Dad got a picture last night of him researching how his toes work (they're usually covered with socks, which he has easily evaded!)...


Today went well for us.  Hope yours went well too!

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  1. Aww... he just gets cuter every day! Sounds like you're quite the happy family - that's great! Give Grayson a big hug from Uncle Doug - love you all!