Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mooooore snow. boo.

Not too much going on here.  Too much snow.  Grayson and I didn't even leave the house today!  I am still in my PJ's, but Grayson is dressed because he spit up all over himself!  And I swear, if you nominate me for What Not to Wear, I will kill you!  

I'm sitting here right now while Brandon is having tummy time with Grayson... and Grayson is laying on his chest.  They were just doing "airplane", which Grayson LOVES and he promptly drooled all over Brandon!  sooo cute and funny!!  He only woke up once last night and then slept 8 hours straight, so he's had a good day, even if we were stuck inside.


Since this was a slow day, I filled out some of my online surveys while Grayson played in his exersaucer.  If you have extra time, it is a great way to make some extra pocket change!  Most of my surveys are about baby supplies/gear, but I've already made about $30 in the past 6 weeks and I've only spent a couple hours filling out stuff.  If you're interested, check out this link:  http://OpinionOutpost.com/join/7747398  I use the money to buy Grayson stuff!

Anywhoo, I have to give a shout-out to Alyssa, our first official blog follower!!!  Yay!!  Thanks chicka!!  Hope to see you, Carter & Brian soon!


  1. Snow means money for us! So I can't say I'm complaining...even if it means I haven't left the house since Sunday and Carter missed his monthly library class this morning.

    You didn't tell me you where doing surveys! I'll have to check out that website.

    I hope you get feeling better soon!!!

  2. Well, ya, I guess I can support the snow since it makes you money Alyssa! I do miss seeing you all though!

    Ya, I just started the survey thing about 6 weeks ago (got the invite from another friend). I've been skeptical of them before, but Brandon has been doing one for a long time from different company and we get stuff in the mail to 'try' several times a year. Those are pretty cool, but usually it's just opinion survey things. I'd say it adds $200-300 a year to the bottom line. I mean, that pays for my, er Grayson's, diaper addiction! :o)

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  4. Haha! You DO have a serious diaper addiction :) But that's just one reason why I heart you! I'm glad you're feeling better today. Brian kindly plowed the driveway, when he came home last night...and then touched it up this morning. So, I 'could' confidently leave the house if I wished. But I'm stuck here today...waiting on the pest control people (the mice are back :o) & a guy who's replacing our cook top. So I'm starting to feel like it might be Spring before Carter and I get to see you guys again...or Sunday (haha)!!!

  5. Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a diaperholic. :o) lol I heart you too Alyssa! heheh (that cracked me up enough that it provoked Brandon into saying "oh, you girls!"

    That was so nice of Brian to plow your driveway! And, at least you know what day it is so you can go places you need to!

    I'm telling you--get a cat!!!! Some nice wild ones would be perfect!